About Us

Jijoty started in 2009 with codebase to enhance everyday work relationships in an enterprise, by understanding and analyzing structured and unstructured data. After building a social networking tool, we extended the branches to help people structure information for everyday use. We offer variety of services to tens of clients worldwide all in Software Engineering using emerging technologies.

Jijoty comes from two words – Ji (heart) and Joty (light). We are hopeful that the name reflects the service we provide. This is a sincere effort to enable quality software engineering with our clients.

Jijoty is a software company registered as a California Corporation. Our engineers have worked in world-class companies like Trimble, Oracle, Schwab, Google and early stage successful startups.


Cloud Application

Jijoty's team is highly experienced in implementing cloud applications for high tech companies, hospitals and community colleges. Our team has engaged with numerous customers to assess the application readiness for the cloud and migrated the applications to cloud infrastructure. Team has provided five start rate technical support ensuring no data loss and no downtime.

Big Data Analysis

Jijoty team provides various solutions that encompass comprehensive data ingestion, assemble insights into easy-to-understand dashboards, data pattern discovery, and more. Team has developed critical dashboards with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for various customers in high tech, healthcare and education industries.

Mobile Applicaion

Jijoty team developed easy to use mobile UI on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. Business functions included tracking for billable activity of consultant time, email & calendar integration with industry specific templates, manage legal firm record keeping and accessibility, and many more

Data Services

Jijoty team works with various customers and offers numerous solutions to gather the data as well as manage the data. Team ensures the required data security and backup maintenance. Jijoty provides highly skilled resources to manage the data in the cloud or on-premise.


Case Study

University Hospital in San Francisco

Health Resource Center Productivity Improvement Software

Today expecting mothers cannot find information in one place: like classes to take, finding an Ob/Gyn, shopping or renting for necessary products. Birth Centers are using home grown tools, which do not integrate these services in one place for expecting mothers. When information is hard to find, it impacts quality of service, productivity and some of the systems might not be compliant. MomsCradle helped solve this problem.

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  • 5 Years
  • 10 Developers

Case Study

Logistics Management Application in Health Care

Our customer needed an innovative solution with consistent experience for Pre and Post Partum Class Management, Rentals and Product Shopping Services.

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  • 3 Years
  • 6 Developers

Case Study

Logistics management for US Colleges

Our customer needed to have a technology to manage logistics for its seven departments to provide exceptional service to its students. It required integrating information delivered by Faculty for Class Schedule, Office Hours, and Syllabus.

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  • 1 Year
  • 4 Developers

Case Study

Enterprise Software Development for Legal Industry in California

Our customer has several concurrent development projects, across their global offices, ranging from legacy client­server applications to the best­of­breed enterprise web­applications.
In 2012, it was decided to unify all these applications on Microsoft's Team Foundation Server to leverage its end­to­end application lifecycle management capabilities and reduce the number of systems to two ­ TFS and CRMOD.

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  • 6 Years
  • 14 Developers

Case Study

Data Administration for Marketing to US Colleges

Our customer was actively pursuing to get the US College data for marketing their service nationwide. Search revealed that there are numerous organizations that provide the data at a cost. But the problem with the purchased data was the quality and accuracy.

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  • 1 Year