Case Study

Data Administration for Marketing to US Colleges
  • 1 Years
  • 16 Data Analyst

Challenge and Key Findings

Our customer was actively pursuing to get the US College data for marketing their service nationwide. Search revealed that there are numerous organizations that provide the data at a cost. But the problem with the purchased data was the quality and accuracy. First set of data that was received had more than 50% of the addresses incorrect. And this was found hard way through email bounce backs, multiple delivery retries, etc. And their online marketing campaigns success rate was very poor. Following chart depicts the campaigns with purchased data.

Remedy and Action taken

Our customer decided to collect the US College data themselves with in-house staff. Finding the non-site resources and their cost is enormous. Return on investment did not seem to be working. At that point organization resorted to offshoring option by contacting Jijoty, Inc. Jijoty had been providing data collection and administration services for over a decade. Jijoty had provided high caliber data analysts, at very reasonable cost to collect the college data directly from source and enter into the system. Jijoty provided 16 data analysts over a period of year. These data analysts went to each department web site and collected the necessary department data and entered into their marketing database.

Overall cost was 50% less than the cost of purchasing data and 200% less than what would have costed with on-site resources. Quality of the data has improved significantly to about 95% accurate. Marketing campaigns with this data have a very high success rate.

Following chart depicts the campaign with data collected and administered by Jijoty team.

About our customer

Our customer created their service with a single mission: Create organizational memory using foundational pieces of social networking (integrating data, improving collaboration to boost productivity and streamlining processes). We currently service High Education institutions and Healthcare.

We’ve built a company rich in software expertise and computer science knowledge and designed an entirely new architectural approach that relies on intelligent software to solve the most difficult challenges.

If you'd like to hire our experienced software professionals, or want to outsource software development services to us, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team at

About Jijoty, Inc.

Jijoty started in 2009 with codebase to enhance everyday work relationships in an enterprise, by understanding and analyzing structured and unstructured data. After building a social networking tool, we extended the branches to help people structure information for everyday use. We offer variety of services to tens of clients worldwide all in Software Engineering using emerging technologies.

Jijoty comes from two words – Ji (heart) and Joty (light). We are hopeful that the name reflects the service we provide. This is a sincere effort to enable quality software engineering with our clients.

Jijoty is a software company registered as a California Corporation. Our engineers have worked in world-class companies like Trimble, Oracle, Schwab, Google and early stage successful startups.